Thank You For Being A Lesson Instead Of A Mistake

Januari 21, 2018

To say it was painful is an understatement. To say that you hurt me is an even bigger understatement. The truth is, if you had left a dozen stab wounds in my body, the way you did to my mind and heart, you would be imprisioned but no one ever imprisions anyone for the near-fatal crime of breaking someone heart.

It's took me years to get over you. It's took me days to simply pull myself together and lead a normal life. It's took so long that the pain began to feel like second nature to me, it began to feel like it was consumption rather than just heartbreak.

And still, as I sit here writing this, I want to say thank you. You were the universe's present, wisdom in a form of a human, sent to me at just the right time, to tell me how much I need to evolve and grow and become someone who I am proud of.

I needed to have my heart broken this badly. I needed to be hurt this much to know how deeply I feel, how much I truly can love. I needed to breathe and feel the pain to this extent. You gave me this and for that I am forever grateful. You have change me as a human, fundamentally and forever.

So wherever you are, despite the pain you caused me, I hope nothing but the best for you. I want to thank you for the breakheart. I want to thank you for being lesson to me in so many ways. I want to thank you for the damage you did to me. Because without the damage, I do not think I would be the very best version of me. The me, I see and feel today.

From me, a helpless angel

- d14N-

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1 komentar

  1. Infonya menarik poll... thanks gais. untuk sharingnya :D

    ========= ada cara apapun yang sangat mudah


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