Blind Love (Helpless Angel #1)

Januari 21, 2018

I didn't matter how many times he hurt you
Because believe or not, there is such a thing as loving someone too much

It didn't matter how deep is words cut you, because you were incredibly skilled with a needle and thread. You began stiching up the wounds and wearing long sleeves to cover the scars.

But you always said everything was going to be fine. Because the next morning he would kiss your forehead and he would tell you that he's sorry. And that was enough for you as you watched it fall of his tongue and shatter all over the floor.

Because sometimes when you love someone, you stop taking not of the mess they make out of you. Or you just ignored it, whichever one works best at the time. You make bandages out of excuses, but the rarely hold anything together.

And when your best friend finds you crying on the bathroom floor, you tell her that he loves you, that this is all just a small misunderstanding.

And when she doesn't believe you, you get angry. You push her away. You tell her she doesn't know him like you do. And you're right, but the truth is you don't know him either.

Love is blind, that much is true.
Love is blind on it's own without you gouging out your eyes out.


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