Dear Body

Desember 27, 2017

I sometimes frown at your reflection or cry because of your shapes and curves, but...
you're strong, you have carried me through out these thirty four years and you rarely failed me .
Through mountain where climbing up till feels going down to hell and through ocean where depth, scared me to death. You've survived!

You are resilent, no matter how much hates and pains I put on to you. You resist and fight back.
You have keep me alive long after I told you not to.

You are not broken, no matter how many hands wanted or unwanted have touch your skins. They didn't alter your worth. You are as much as a whole as you were are and will be.

You are all I have. Thank you for not giving up on me.
I shouldn't either. I am sorry for all I've made you endure.

I promise I will take better care of you.

Forever yours


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